In addition to the added value that SAIER already offers in its packaging, there is the option of equipping SAIER buckets with extended packaging functions for special requirements. Or with special inserts to make them suitable for a special application.


Even more break resistance for the highest requirements

We developed S-IMLs to further increase the load limits of SAIER packaging. S-IMLs are characterised in particular by the fact that they continually adapt the design of their protruding edges to the container matrix material, and so effectively prevent stress concentrations from occurring under pressure. As a result, potential breaks between the S-IML and the container matrix material are prevented at the protruding edges in case of heavy loads or rough handling.

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Upgrade to the next level of safety

The worldwide distribution of goods at times requires special safety measures as packaging can be subject to increased stresses during transport. To ensure that filling materials arrive at their destination undamaged, we designed the S-RIM for the connecting area between the lid and the bucket. For increased lid retention, the S-RIM has proven to be a component that increases safety in this sensitive area.

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Integrated protective barrier

These can be packaged in buckets for several months before the use of filling materials. To prevent any permeation to the inside or outside, we offer the S-LINER BARRIER: an integrated, interior protective film with barrier properties for different requirements. Effective product protection over a longer period and the preservation of product properties are guaranteed.

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The clean solution for reusing buckets

In addition to avoiding waste, reusing packaging is one of the most important ways to preserve resources. We developed the S-LINER PEEL for a sustainable impact. Product residues in used buckets are easily removed together with the interior peel film and properly disposed of. The clean buckets can then be reused.

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Dispenser bucket

Cloth dispenser insert for bucket lid

The practical wipe dispenser insert can be installed in all lid shapes and lid sizes, ex works. It offers the highest flexibility in container selection for the professional storage of wipe rolls of different sizes.

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