S-RIM: Safety upgrade for bucket container

The distribution of goods in SAIER packaging is increasing in variety across the globe, and transport routes are extending to the remotest places, sometimes also under harsh conditions. Our goal is to use our packaging to protect products in the best possible way, regardless of the type of transport or route taken. Apart from our already very secure packaging, we offer you the patented S-RIM, a component that increases security in the connecting area between the lid and the bucket.
We developed the S-RIM with the goal of preventing damage to the contents when lids pop open under increased load, which arises due to external pressure, internal pressure or dropping. The latch integrated in the S-RIM engages under the bucket rim during application and fixes the S-RIM securely to the bucket.
Lid retention is significantly increased for buckets with an S-Rim, when compared to bucket-lid connections without an S-RIM.

The reusable and recyclable S-RIM is a clear safety addition when it comes to protecting high-quality filling goods.

Simulation external pressure
Simulation internal pressure
Drop test

S-RIM construction variants

The S-RIM can be applied to closed bucket containers. That is why the lid and the S-RIM are supplied separately. Alternatively, we also offer the option of delivering the lid pre-assembled in the S-RIM so that the lid/S-RIM bundle can be applied as a unit during the sealing process.

S-RIM for all container shapes

If there is sufficient demand, the S-RIM system can be adapted to all container shapes and sizes.



The S-RIM can easily be applied to a bucket container, either manually or mechanically. Removal of the S-RIM by the end user is equally uncomplicated and self-explanatory, as you simply loosen the latch and pull off the S-RIM.

Assembly: Press S-RIM
Disassembly: Pulling up the snap hooks

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