S-LINER PEEL: The environmentally friendly and clean solution

The sustainable effect of our products is an important concern for us and drives us in the development of new product innovations. In addition to waste prevention, reusable packaging is a one of key ways to save resources. However, reuse requires resources for cleaning, e.g. to remove product residues, which has environmental impacts:

  • Intensive use of (drinking) water for cleaning
  • Waste water contamination by washing out product that could contain chemical residues or microplastics
  • Aggressive cleaning agents and cleaning aids (sponge, High-pressure cleaner, etc.) are used for certain applications

We developed the S-LINER PEEL with the aim of creating a clean and easy solution for reusing used buckets. An interior peel film allows product residues to be easily and quickly removed together with the peel film without any additional aids and disposed of properly. The interior of the bucket is then almost as clean as it was on delivery and can be used for another application.

The S-LINER PEEL is used in many different applications, such as in the chemical, construction and food industries. We offer the interior peel film for the various bucket shapes and sizes in our range. After use, the bucket is 100% recyclable and suited for eco-cycle.

S-LINER PEEL: Convenience advantages

  • Simple cleaning
  • Time savings of approx. 3 min. per 15 L bucket*
  • Water savings of approx. 7 L per 15 L bucket*
  • Resource-saving and environmentally friendly
  • Clean bucket interior comparable to condition on delivery
  • Buckets are reusable and recyclable



* SAIER survey of painting contractors in Germany (12/2020)

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