S-LINER BARRIER: Effective 360° protection against permeation

SAIER buckets are used in various industries with different filling materials. The time between the filling of the product and when it is actually used can be several months. During this time, certain liquids, vapours or UV rays can penetrate the packaging material's polymer structure. This can have a significant negative impact on the content's mechanical properties and quality.

With the S-LINER BARRIER, an internal barrier film reliably protects the bucket's content by means of a welded base-wall film that covers the entire interior up to the top edge of the bucket. The content is additionally protected from above by a barrier film that is attached to the inside of the lid, thereby attaining effective 360° protection.

The integrated barrier film protects the plastic polymer against changes, for instance due to solvent-containing ingredients, which may permeate from the interior to the exterior. Thereby, the product properties of the filling material and the stability of the bucket are preserved. At the same time, the product is protected from external influences that can enter the product through permeation from the outside to the inside. Thus, possible changes in the content's product properties, for instance because of oxygen or UV rays, are effectively avoided.

The S-LINER BARRIER can be adapted to various requirements by means of film technology. Here, for instance, thanks to more barrier protection, an increased shelf life or better preservation of aroma and flavour components in filled products can be achieved.

We offer the S-LINER BARRIER for the various bucket shapes and sizes in our range.



S-LINER BARRIER, with transparent barrier film
S-LINER BARRIER, with aluminium-coated barrier film

Protective interior barrier film

The multilayer barrier layers of the inner film are only a few µm thick, and as such only a fraction of the usual bucket container wall thicknesses of approx. 0.6-2.5 mm. Therefore, depending on the barrier requirement and the selected barrier layer, the recyclability of the bucket container is still up to 100%.

S-LINER BARRIER: The advantageous alternative

In the past, plastic containers were not suitable for all types of products. Now, the integration of an inner film barrier, the functionality of containers with high barrier properties, such as metal or glass containers, are supplemented by the positive characteristics of plastic containers.

  • Light packaging weight

  • Shape-retaining sales packaging, without dents or breakage

  • No rusting and no additional interior coating required

  • No permeation (for instance of solvents) from the inside to the outside
  • The ability to nest empty containers for efficient and sustainable outbound and inbound logistics
  • The energy required to produce a defined volume of packaging from plastic is usually less than for metal or glass

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