Individual development

Innovations are often the result of old ideas

As a pioneer in the plastics processing industry with over 60 years of experience and in-house development and design departments in all companies of the SAIER GROUP, we have an excellent basis for putting our "old thoughts" – that we call expertise – into practice in innovative processes. For us, progress is not a random outcome but the result of systematic and continuous optimisation and development work. We will gladly contribute our knowledge to your individual packaging or thin wall requirements. Our contact persons in the sales department will coordinate a dialogue process throughout all development phases from product design to the finished series product.

Product concept

When professional prudence is needed

Fundamental and trend-setting decisions for a future product are often made during the design phase. That is why our most capable people from sales, construction, toolmaking, production, controlling and quality assurance are available during that phase. In a continuous dialogue, process-related, economic, ecological, marketing and sales related, haptic, optical or legal requirements for the future product are being taken into consideration right from the start in order to provide the product design with optimal starting conditions.

Product design

Virtual reality

By using CAD, we are turning product designs into three-dimensional product constructions, which display the future product spherically and realistically. On the basis of these data and illustrations, additional steps toward series production can be set up quickly and cheaply.

Simulation calculations

Gaining trust

By using state of the art simulation programs, e.g. for the flow properties or filling properties of tool forms, injection times, internal mould pressure distributions, melting temperatures, component distortion tendencies, component weld lines or air inclusions, we can predict the process capability of components and essential production influences on the future quality of components.

Rapid prototyping

Ideas you can touch

Rapid prototyping begins where 3D CAD visualisation meets its limits. Based on the 3D CAD database, we create master forms of a required component. Thereby, insights gained during the product development phase, not just those regarding purely optical experiences but also haptic ones, can already be incorporated into the future product during the development phase. That saves valuable time and money.

Raw material definition

Only the best ingredients result in a great product

Depending on the future product requirements, a suitable raw material definition must be decided on early in the process, because the properties of the plastic used often also influence the further product and process design. In order to maintain a current and comprehensive knowledge of raw materials available on the market, we are always in touch with our suppliers and pay close attention to pioneering material developments from the earliest stage if possible. That is why the types of plastic we use have often been especially optimised to meet our needs.

Sample tools and product tests

Trust is good, inspections are better

Upon request, we will build sample tools for extensive product and process tests. Insights gained from them can further contribute to improving product characteristics and they help all parties to gain the required confidence in the future series product. That is why we recommend building sample tools for complex individual developments in particular.

Process development

Quality cannot be controlled, it must be produced

A production process that is perfectly tailored to the moulded part is of fundamental importance to a consistently high product quality. That is why a process harmonisation that runs parallel to the development of the moulded part is needed. If required, we are able to develop new custom process solutions quickly and efficiently with our in-house experts and business partners. This always reveals the advantages that a group of companies, which employs specialists along the entire value chain of rigid plastic packaging, has.

Cost analysis

Saving smartly with a commercial filtration process

As soon as the first product concepts and potential technological implementations have been developed, our controlling specialists are comparing the cost mechanisms of the proposed solutions. The insights gained from that process are used to come up with individual developments that achieve the best possible technological-commercial results.

Serial tool manufacturing

Equipment for top performances

Mass-produced products are created from selected raw materials and by using defined high-tech processes in the serial tool. Competitive packaging or thin wall solutions of the highest quality can only be created if the serial tool can deal with all aspects of the technological interplay of forces. As manufacturer of mass-produced plastic items, we not only pride ourselves on having exactly the type of expertise that is needed to build such production tools, but also that we can put our production experience to use in order to find the right emphases with regard to the cost/benefit ratio of serial tools. Continuous, state-of-the-art CNC production processes and a metrological traceability of the different steps in our manufactured tool not only allow us to quickly bring products to market but also guarantee the required precision and quality of our serial tools. These attributes are an absolute necessity in order to maintain a continuously high speed and a consistently high product quality while keeping the probability of failures as low as possible.