Technical data

ERC 1700 P S34

Amongst others, our round bucket wire handle series is well suited for the most demanding construction chemical applications, such as those involving paints, coatings, renders or adhesives, and therefore meets all standard shaking requirements.

Nominal volume [l] 17,0
Brimful volume [ml] 18.800
Dimensions [mm] 326,0
Height [mm] 277,0
Food suitability yes
Paint shaker suitability yes
Raw material PP


Decoration & colour design

The sum of all options to awaken the senses

At the point of sale, it is the presentation that counts! That is why we offer so many options to interest potential customers in your products. We can appeal to the entire range of senses. In addition to the custom colour design of our packaging, we also offer in-mould-labelling (IML) technology as a decoration process. In this process, a pre-printed plastic label is firmly affixed to the product during the production process. The options for colour schemes and presentation of these film prints have virtually no limits. The IML can even include peel, barrier, scent, haptic or hologram effects. The following “Graphics guidelines for IML” describe important details for the production and release of IMLs.

Product supplements

For expanded packaging functions

Additional benefits

Why you can trust our products

Declaration of conformity

Correct production, lawful products

As manufacturer of food packaging we are aware of the responsibility of our products and their potential effect on packaged food. Therefore, all influencing variables for our production and products are considered and controlled with the utmost care. Packaging that we produce for use with foodstuffs meets all national and European legal requirements. The inspections that back up this guarantee are always performed by an external accredited institute on the basis of a "worst-case scenario" that we have defined. We would be happy to make the declaration of conformity available to you if required. Please note that the law mandates that each production stage of foodstuffs must provide its own tested, consistent and current declaration of conformity. We are therefore unable to respond to any customer-specific guidelines in this regard.

Resistance list

Compatibility statements for our raw materials

The following resistance statements for PP are supposed to help you and serve as an initial guideline for which materials our products should be compatible with. However, our assistance in no way absolves you from conducting your own compatibility tests.

Individual development

When more "tinkering" is needed

When the standards available on the market do not cover your requirements or if you are looking for something special, then you have come to the right place. With structured processes, we will guide your product from development to series production of an integrated, thought-out individual solution. In doing so, we can rely at any time on the expertise of all of the group's business units with their different production technologies as well as product and process focuses.