SAIER packaging

The best advertisement for our company

We consider every single product that leaves our production to be a mark of the quality to which we are fully dedicated, and that we regard as the flagship of our company. That is why we design and produce our products with the utmost care. Not least because of this, customer surveys confirm that the resource-preserving design, cleanliness, process suitability and handling of SAIER containers have held a leading technological position for years.

We have designed our packaging ranges so that you can put together complimentary product families in marketable volume sizes and match them to different situations in subsequent supply chains through numerous options.

Upon request, we will gladly manufacture additional sizes and/or design options or we will contribute our packaging expertise to completely new packaging solutions that are part of customer-specific individual developments.

Our various product lines are suitable for the following packaging requirements or can be adapted to them:

  • Optimised Logistics on Euro pallets
  • Automated hot or cold filling of all PP-compatible liquid or solid products
  • Fillings operations with or without sealing processes
  • Standard or cold supply chain
  • Full or partial barrier requirements
  • Outstanding visual presentation
  • Easy and reliable handling for the end user
  • Fully recyclable
  • Special applications in conjunction with bucket and/or lid inserts (pull-out locks, wet wipe dispensers, degassing inserts, pump systems, 2C inserts, scoops and many more)
  • Suitable for shaking
  • Optimal use of space
  • Ultra clean filling

Made for Recycling

The complete product range is 100% recyclable

A key objective of the "European Strategy for Plastics in the Circular Economy", as issued by the EU Commission, is to allow only plastic packaging that is either fully recyclable or reusable by 2030.

For packaging to be considered recyclable, its design must allow recycling, and it must be made from materials that can be recycled. To provide evidence of these properties, SAIER Verpackungstechnik has had its entire product range evaluated by Interseroh Dienstleistungs GmbH in accordance with the methodology of the bifa Environmental Institute and the Fraunhofer Institute.

Based on this certification examination, and with the top rating of "100% recyclable", SAIER Verpackungstechnik's complete product range was one of the first to be awarded the "Made for Recycling" seal of quality.

Apart from the very good recyclability of the products, the SAIER packaging buckets can be made of new plastic granulate, post-consumer or post-industrial recycled material, in line with the customer requirements.

This award confirms SAIER Verpackungstechnik's continuous efforts as a manufacturer of sustainable packaging solutions.

An excellent bucket innovation

The S-LINER PEEL has been distinguished with the German Packaging Award 2021 in the "Sustainability" category.

Our efforts have paid off! Our product innovation S-LINER PEEL has won the German Packaging Award 2021in the "Sustainability" category.

In addition to avoiding waste, reusing packaging is one of the most important ways to preserve resources. Thus, we developed the S-LINER PEEL with the goal of making used buckets available for clean reuse with simple handling. Thanks to the peeling foil inside, filling material residues can be removed easily and quickly together with the peel foil and disposed of properly, all without this requiring any additional aids. In so doing, the bucket is almost as clean on the inside as it was in the factory condition, and can be re-used for another application. The container is also 100 % recyclable.

We are pleased and proud that, with this award, SAIER Verpackungstechnik's innovative strength and sustainability efforts have been recognised by the German Packaging Institute.

Here you can find the jury evaluation and information about the German Packaging Award.

For more information on the technology and the product, please take a look at S-LINER PEEL.

Business Unit Manager Sales, Mr Jens Tillmann, and Technical Manager, Mr Rainer Bissinger, at the official award ceremony during Fachpack 2021 in Nuremberg. Photographer: ®-Uwe-Niklas

Round buckets (plastic handles)

Completely made from PP, our round bucket plastic handle series has set the standard regarding cleanliness suitable for food and application efficiency. These containers can even be used for ultra clean or aseptic fillings. Buckets and handles are available in different colours. SAIER opening tabs offer top user friendliness.

Round buckets (wire handle)

Our round bucket wire handle series is the right fit for many applications. We designed it for robust handling of the packaging, which makes it suitable for being filled with construction chemical products, such as paints, coatings, plasters or adhesives. Many products of the series also meet the vibration requirements customary in the market. SAIER opening tabs offer top user friendliness.

ERC 0360 P M70

Nominal volume [l] 3.6

ERC 0430 P M56

Nominal volume [l] 4.3

ERC 0500 P S51

Nominal volume [l] 5.0

ERC 0600 P S51

Nominal volume [l] 6.0

ERC 0640 P G60

Nominal volume [l] 6.4

ERC 0800 P G45

Nominal volume [l] 8.0

ERC 1050 P S51

Nominal volume [l] 10.5

ERC 1100 P S51

Nominal volume [l] 11.0

ERC 1200 P S85

Nominal volume [l] 12.0

ERC 1300 P Z32

Nominal volume [l] 13.0

ERC 1500 P G30

Nominal volume [l] 15.0

ERC 1700 P S34

Nominal volume [l] 17.0

ERC 2000 P S34

Nominal volume [l] 20.0

ERE 2700 P G30 GRS

Nominal volume [l] 27.0

Oval bucket

Built for the robust handling of the packaging, all products of our oval bucket series meet the vibration requirements customary in the market. Compared to the round buckets, it also offers expanded space for advertisements and facilitates the use of paint rollers. Further additional options and the use of up to two SAIER opening tabs, which are specifically positioned at the container, offer the greatest user-friendliness for do-it-yourself enthusiasts and professionals.

EOC 0320 P C52

Nominal volume [l] 3.2

EOC 0550 P G60

Nominal volume [l] 5.5

EOA 0950 P S51

Nominal volume [l] 9.5

EOA 1200 P G45

Nominal volume [l] 12.0

EOP 1400 P S51

Nominal volume [l] 14.0

EOP 1500 P S51

Nominal volume [l] 15.0

EOP 1800 P G30

Nominal volume [l] 18.0

Rectangular & square buckets

Our round bucket wire handle series is the right fit for many applications. We designed it for robust handling of the packaging, which makes it suitable for being filled with construction chemical products, such as paints, coatings, plasters or adhesives. Many products of the series also meet the vibration requirements customary in the market. SAIER opening tabs offer top user friendliness.

EQA 0320 P U60

Nominal volume [l] 3.2

EVK 0400 P G75

Nominal volume [l] 4.0

EQA 0500 P U40

Nominal volume [l] 5.0

Bowls | Tubs

Our round and square packaging for handle-free applications can be used in a wide range of industries. The bowls and tubs are manufactured in compliance with our high hygiene standards and satisfy the food industry's requirements. The containers are made completely of PP and are officially certified as "Made for Recycling", which also applies for all SAIER packaging.

ZRC 0210 P N00 OVL

Nominal volume [l] 2.1

ZRC 0380 P N00 OVL

Nominal volume [l] 3.8

WVZ 1700 P M28

Nominal volume [l] 17.0

2C bucket

Whenever two components are supposed to be packaged separately but are stored and delivered together, our 2C buckets are the right choice. They are placed as a secondary component container on top of a primary component container.

ZRC 0210 P N00

Nominal volume [l] 2.1

ZRC 0380 P N00

Nominal volume [l] 3.8

Individual development

When more "tinkering" is needed

When the standards available on the market do not cover your requirements or if you are looking for something special, then you have come to the right place. With structured processes, we will guide your product from development to the series production of an integrated, thought-out individual solution. In doing so, we can rely at any time on the expertise of all of the group's business units with their different production technologies as well as product and process focuses.