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We live for packaging buckets

Within the SAIER GROUP, we are the specialist for packaging buckets, bowls and tubs in all shapes and volumes from 1 to 32 litres. We have a diverse range of standard products but are also well equipped for customer-specific developments. Our customers appreciate our specialist knowledge, our modern, sophisticated technology and the high quality of our products and production processes. Fast response times and first-class service go without saying for us. The know-how of industrial filling technologies and logistics processes helps us in the design of advanced packaging systems.

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When it comes to protective function, hygiene and durability, plastic packaging provides significant added value to many products. SAIER Verpackungstechnik's packaging convinces with its recyclability, lightness, resilience and, if desired, with a share of recycled material.

We are convinced that our plastic packaging is both sustainable and responsible, while simultaneously providing the highest resource efficiency. Our packaging offers protection during industrial and private logistics processes, in addition to ensuring a significant shelf life extension for your filling goods. This way, they counteract premature spoilage of the packaged goods. Recovering spoiled goods usually requires significantly more CO2 than producing packaging for it. Thus: Climate protection through packaging protection!

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Sophisticated quality, hygiene, environmental and energy management systems aren't novelties in our processes but rather a norm we are practising every day. Feel free to download the respective certifications below as proof of our statements.